Retro Mod Stretch Red Royal Stewart Tartan Trousers


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Great trousers. Bought for husband. Stretchy , comfy and a good fit.

Tyla K.
He loves them!

Bought these for my partner, he things they're great. Fit true to size. "They're the perfect pants" was his rating.

Nic F.
Nice replacement after 30 years

Ok, I could have got a pair sooner than that. 🤪 But there's been other stuff in my life. And anyway, why is such a tragic old man trying to recapture his lost youth? Firstly, fuck you, and secondly style has no age, and these trousers are agelessly stylish. The classic 60s cut embodies the idea of fashion as rebellion and even post-modern pastiche. When people my age repurposed that through the lens of punk, we were having a dialogue with the past to throw it back in the face of the originators but in tacit acknowledgement of their original cool. For me punk is about not letting lack of skill or originality hinder creativity, and not caring whether things are current or age appropriate to wear and appreciate them. These trousers rock, and like my old pair I will probably wear them until their ragged remains fall off me.