A lot of Run & Fly Clothing is made in Leicester, United Kingdom and all of our clothing is made in sweat shop free factories.

We visit them on a regular basis to make sure they meet our high standards. We strive to make clothing that will stand the test of time and make you look and feel good.

We also have a factory in India and one in Istanbul. We make all of our clothing in short runs to not over stretch our team and keep them happy, so if your size isn't in stock with us, check one of many stockists or pop us a message and we can let you know when they are back in. Please note we do not restock sale items. We do not mass produce our items, they are all made by hand using no large machinery in all of our factories. Our factory in India is in a brand new beautiful clean and airy space which we are really proud of. Our team there also have living quarters there so they don't have to travel from the villages each day in order to work. 

Our factory in Istanbul also does all of our digital printing and then they are cut and made all in house. We then ship them to the UK, we try to always send by ship rather than fly as it is better for the environment and a lot cheaper. In some cases we do have to air freight items if they have taken longer than expected. 

We believe in being open and honest with our customers.

Our dungarees on average from start to finish take up to three months to be made. So we might not be the cheapest company or the fastest, but we are fair and love what we do. We love introducing new products but never like to overstretch our staff. 

We have two factories we work with in Leicester, one for our dungarees, jeans, tees and for pinafores and one that makes our lovely knitwear. These use knitting machines, we run up to five at a time to knit just one garment as they come in pieces that are then put together by hand. Our dungaree factory has been operating since we started in the 1980's and we still have a lot of the same team working us from then too. 

We cut all of our own pieces in house before they are delivered over to the factory. The factories and our warehouse are in walking distance from each other making it really easy to check in and catch up with the team. 

We put lots of videos from the factory on our social media including Tik Tok and Instagram.








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