Who Made Your Clothes?

More and more people are rightly asking who made my clothes? 

We are very proud of our practises and methods at RFHQ and do our best to be transparent with our customers and followers of the brand as we feel people have the right to make an informed decision where they spend their hard earned money and who will benefit from it. 

We have two factories that we own - One is in Leicester United Kingdom where our head office and warehouse is based and the other is in Bhiwandi near to Mumbai in India.

We have worked, lived and made clothing in Leicester for as long as we have been a company. We have our head office/warehouse here too as well as our small factory. 

In the UK we make a mix of our t-shirts, skirts, dungarees, jeans, pinafores and dungaree shorts. The patterns are cut in house by Dinesh our pattern expert who has been with us for around the last 30 years. The cut designs are then driven the short five minute journey to the factory where they are sewn by our team. We have been in this space for many many years and the team have all been with us for at least ten years making you look awesome along the way. Everyone is paid above living wage and we are like a family. Atul our owner goes to the factory at least once a week for a catch up and to deliver the next batch and pick up the sewn garments to go on the website and to our wholesale customers. 



In India we have just moved to a small but very clean and ventilated factory. We have again been making clothing in India as well as the UK since Run & Fly launched in the 1980's. Run & Fly is owned by an Indian family so we love to give back to the community there by offering well paid jobs above living wage and accommodation to our team to help them have a successful career. Our owner tries to get out there on a regular basis but that's been tricky the last couple of years so we are in regular communication and get sent many videos we love to share with you over on our TikTok and Instagram.  In India the focus is dresses and shirts made from our fun cotton prints. We also used to make some of our dungarees there but have moved production to a factory in Turkey in the pandemic when India was hit very badly.


The factory we use in Istanbul is where our fabrics are also printed so it stops excessive travelling for garments to be printed and then sewn in different areas. Our printed fabrics are all vegan friendly and made using Oeko-Tex 100 Standard which means products are tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health and vegan friendly. 


We also make jumpers and cardigans as you know and these are made by a nearby factory in Leicester which is an amazing knitwear factory of the highest quality. They have been established since 1992. They are Sedex & Fast Forward Audited to ensure the safety of their staff.