Orange Cactus Tea Stretch Dress with Pockets


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Christine H.
Nice dress

It was a nice dress but I ordered the wrong size.

Connie M.
Cute but Sizing Could Be More Consistant

This dress is made of a very cute cotton fabric and has a nice comfy styling AND pockets. I ordered 2 dresses and was a little surprised at the difference in sizing between the two. This dress is at least 2 inches wider across the shoulders than the other dress and they are both the same size. I am OK with one dress fitting more loosely but I am not OK with one neckline being much wider than the other. The other dress fits me perfectly. This one I am constantly trying to adjust the neckline so my bra ids not hanging out. I'm almost 70 and that is really not my style. I had planned to order more dresses since it is hard to find such cute fabrics in dresses in stores and I do like that style of dress- it's very flattering for my body type. But now I am unsure since I will never know how revealing the neckline will be until I actually receive the dress. I am trying to figure out a way to make the neckline a little less revealing and wait to order more until I see if I can since I don't want to have to wear a shirt under the dress on a 40 C day.

Nichola H.
Another great print

This style of dress is perfect for so many events or just normal days. Cactus print is great and paired with orange gives it the quirky twist that I love