Black Stretch Twill Flared Pinafore Dress


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Straps a bit of nonsense

Material and cut is lovely but it runs a bit large and when it comes to straps it’s absolute disaster. Straps far far far too short to reach velcro . I’m not even tall and I might even need to take off soft part of velcro for straps to be long enough :/ had to remove hard part of velcro so it doesn’t ruin my tops.


Sizes run on the large size, amazing quality and great designs

Sharp side of the velcro against skin

As a tall person who has to extend dungarees to the longest setting, it seemed really silly that the sharp side of the velcro was positioned so that it is against my skin/top. Especially as this is a dress that has to be worn with something underneath. I can only wear it with a couple of cheap tops so they don't ruin the fabric. The rest of the dress is ok bit I will have to get my sewing machine out and fix the problem myself.

Hi LG,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us valuable feedback on our flared pinafore dresses. We will be looking into changing the straps for future production based on customer feedback. These are a new shape for us so your feedback is very important in helping us improve this product. I will be passing this feedback onto the owner of Run & Fly directly.

Warmest regards,

Becky S.
Beautiful shape

Beautiful sha

Almost Great

I love the shape of this dress, and it's super cute and comfy, but they've changed a few things about the pattern since the sunflower-forget me not design.

The bib is wider which I love, I don't have to adjust it during the day.

The straps are shorter and the velcro on them is in a totally different place, I had to take the velcro off because when the straps were adjusted right it wasn't connecting, so the hook side was catching on my t-shirt. I haven't reattached the velcro as its not really a necessity for me.
I've had a few issues with the zip on this one coming undone during the day too, so I have to put a safety pin on the top of it so it stays.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us valuable feedback on our flared pinafore shape. We have changed the shape slightly since the forget me not pinafores based on customer feedback and we are always looking to improve the comfort of our items. I will pass this over directly to the owner of Run & Fly. :)

Warmest Regards,