90's Arcade High Waist Straight Leg Jeans


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Rachel C.
Love these

I absolutely love these. Love that the 34 fit perfectly. Only disappointment is that even the short are too long!!! Having to roll them up which looks a bit daft but never mind

Love these jeans 😍😃

Love these trousers, my new favourites (along with the cow print ones!). I’ve got 8 pairs of Run & Fly trousers now. Great value and almost all cotton. I’m 5ft 3” and find that the short fit perfectly. Usually buy a size 14 in M&S and the 34 fit me best, maybe slightly on the large side but that suits me, I think I’d get the 32 on but they’d be very tight, too tight for someone who’s nearly 60 (not just young peoples jeans 😂)
If you’re only contemplating these, I’d highly recommend them, go for it.

Bad Design for Larger Sizes

Not only did I have to get 1 size smaller than what I'd usually go for (because of limited plus sizes), which only just fit me, but the shape/cut of the front of the jeans are so unflattering and ugly it's unreal. To put it in a non-crude way: they give you a reverse wedgie. Even though they fit me, the look they gave me in the front was enough to, not only feel disgusted by my body, but also make me consider returning them. Only keeping them because I have doubts about larger sizes being made and other than what I've said, I actually like the jeans. I've noticed the issue with the front of the jeans on other Run & Fly products before, but it's nowhere near as noticable because of better sizing. The issue also gave the impression that the cut/shape of the front seam was not considered for people with noticable stomachs.