Due to the adverse reports on Leicester & its factories, we felt we should make a statement about our practices, we are always open and honest about how we work and who we work with.

-throughout lockdown and during the pandemic we closed our in house Cutting Unit on the 22/03/20 and re-opened this on 15/06/20, during this time not a single garment was cut or manufactured by us.
-Our workshop that makes the garments also closed on 22/03/20 and re-opened a week before our in house cutting, again during those periods not a single garment was manufactured. Once then open we have socially distanced all workstations and Staff are wearing masks where needed.
-Our owner Atul worked on his own for the 1st 4 weeks of lockdown with Amy on support with customer services and social media, she also only self shot any product on herself during this time to abide by social distancing and lockdown guidelines within her own home. We left items for 72 hours after arriving at the warehouse for returns to follow government guidelines. Our wholesale team of Dave and Emma were also working remotely helping all of our amazing stores anyway they could by working harder than ever to look after their needs and help keep everyone happy and safe.
After the first four weeks  2 of staff members including Atul worked up to 15/06/20 when the rest of our staff were 'invited' back to work with social distancing and adding a different layout of working, for safety, there are only 5 of us in the building, and we can maintain social distance at all times.
-The manufacturing workshop is currently closed, and be reviewed next week After the spike in Leicester. All social distancing measures are in place, hand sanitizers and masks provided to our small team.
-Our knitwear unit did the same as above and are SEDEX approved.
-On the extended lockdown in Leicester, which was announced on 29.06.20, when all non-essential shops were asked to close, we asked the staff here what their feeling were about staying as home and they felt comfortable enough to carry on. So the situation is that the cutting unit is currently open, but the factory is closed, and the situation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Our first priority is keeping our staff safe and healthy. 

While we were closed here, so was our factory in India, they have re-opened but we’re making PPE, they are all following government guidelines and have transitioned back to making for us.
No garments were made during lock down in India, the only garments that came in during lockdown were the ones which were sea freighted before the Indian lockdown and arrived with us during this time. 

All of our staff in any country are paid minimum wage or above. We pay our staff fairly and make sure they are well looked after. Our team have been with us for many years and we can’t thank them enough for the support and hard work they put into making our little brand a reality.

if you have any further questions please get in touch by emailing hello@runandfly.co.uk.


  • Emma scott said:

    Watching how you have dealt with everything during the lockdown has made me fall in love with you a little bit more ! I have bought off you during the lockdown and will continue to buy post lockdown ! I am totally in love with my dungas and am eagerly awaiting the leopard print ones to match my dress and t-shirt 💜 yes I am full Carol Baskin !!

    August 05, 2020

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