As Pride month comes to an end we emerge blurry eyed from lockdown. We decided it was time to team up with our favourite LGBTQIA+ models, influencers and bloggers to talk about why visibility is so important to them in the fashion industry.
We met up with @theklarafawn the beautiful alternative model to shoot some pictures and have a chat.
RF: Thank you so much for coming to meet us on this very windy day! 
K: You’re welcome, thanks for asking me along.
RF: We have been following you for sometime and first met at the trade show Londonedge back in February.  We love your style, have you always been quite alternative or is it something that developed over time? 
K: So I've always been quite alternative I've been through a lot of phases, but I've always stood out with my style. I've always rather had been stared at than ignored, it means you're never gonna be forgotten, and I like that.
RF: How would you describe your style? 
K: would personally describe myself as a "fashion chameleon". It's always alternative but it's always changing. One day I can be Wednesday Addams and the next day I'll take inspo from Stevie Nicks, and then after that I'll look like Nancy Downs from The Craft. I take little elements of different things and mash em all up. I think it's more interesting than just having one specific style. I like change.
RF: How do you identify?
K: If I was to box myself I'd say I am a transgender pansexual woman and my pronouns are she/her. However I look at myself as a woman. I think living by a label can be quite problematic in some cases and I just consider myself a woman. A trans woman, yes, but a woman nonetheless.
RF: With this being said do you feel represented by brands when you are shopping online or on the high street?
K: I won't lie I am looking hard at trans and non-binary representation on the high street, it's more present online, but even so, I want to see more representation as I don't feel we are seeing ourselves enough. Yes there are more shows with trans and Enby (non-binary) people, but in fashion and the high Street, there is still a massive gap. We exist, and people know we exist too, it's time to see ourselves included in mainstream platforms and not othered by them.
I want to eventually live in a world where trans/Enby kids can look at a billboard, poster and shop window and see someone like them to make them feel that they are accepted and that they're not alone.
RF: Does this make you think twice about shopping with them? 
K: It doesnt necessarily mean that I will think twice, but when I see a very immediate divide in the gender of clothes, it definitely will. For example if items of clothing are not in pink for boys but they are for girls or there's no masc or tomboy clothes for girls, I won't shop with them.
Clothes have no gender, people should be able to buy an item of clothing regardless of if its gendered or not and feel great. And they should have models to represent that.
RF: What can businesses do to be more inclusive?
K: Personally I think brands should take it upon themselves to learn more, and gain feedback from trans and enby people on what they can do.
Ofc everyone has a different opinion and some people more harsh than others, but being open to suggestions and taking it on board to be a more inclusive brand is always a great start.
Also I think the whole "men" & "women" thing is just a bit over-rated and were passed that now. Just section by the items of clothing they are. If women can wear trousers why can't men wear a skirt, you know? As I said earlier, clothes don't have a gender, so let's stop giving them one by default.

RF: What do you love most about the LGBTQIA+ community?
K: I love so much about my community. 80% of my friends circle is gay and gender queer. I love the diversity and how accepting we all are of each other, everyone is welcome. But I also love the allies in our community. We wouldn't have the safe spaces we have if it wasn't for our allies support as well as fighting for our corner.
Also our bars and clubs have glitter, rainbows and lady gaga playing at least once every half hour, what's not to love about that?
RF: Thank you so much for taking time out and coming to see us!
K: You can follow me on my Instagram and TikTok at @TheKlaraFawn. You can see my modelling, my makeup and my style. Thank you so much for working with me I really appreciate every opportunite I have to work with amazing artists!

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