Happy four day weekend! We hope you're able to get out and enjoy the sunshine or take some time out for yourself. 

To start off your bank holiday celebrations in a good mood we've collected the cutest pets hanging out in our dungaree pockets all for you below...



First up we have Lemmy the chihuahua who has now found his perfect 'if I fits, I sits' spot! 





Next up we have baby Banjo who decided the perfect place for a nap was tucked up in the Run & Fly Bees Knees Gold Stretch Twill Dungarees!




Following up we have an oh so adorable rat pal just hanging out in our old pink leopard print dungarees!




Continuing on with the cuteness, we have Steph's furry feline pal living the life of luxury chilling out in her Run & Fly Adventure Dinosaur Corduroy Dungarees!



 In addition we have the fluffiest, sweetest looking guinea pig safely being carried around in Janine's Run & Fly 70's Dark Floral Stretch Corduroy Dungarees. Look at their little face! 



 I don't think you're ducking ready for the next pet!

Danielle kindly sent us over this photo of their baby duckling cosying up inside their Run & Fly Jade Adventure Dinosaur Stretch Twill Dungarees, the perfect match.



 And lastly but by no means least, we have Clover, the sweetest hedgehog you ever did see! She approves of the Run & Fly x Sugar & Sloth Stretch Corduroy Dungarees front pocket greatly and we must agree. 





Please continue to tag us in your pets in pockets photos, we always love seeing and sharing them with the Run & Fly community! ❤️

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