We love the wonderful and passionate Jen so much we thought we would share with you all about her on the blog so you can all fall in love with her too. 

Jen has always loved to draw but did music at uni after a teacher put her off following a path into the world of art but she was soon drawn back in as loved to draw and create so much. 

She uses her iPad Pro to create most of her illustrations and works from home with her two dachshunds and fiancé in Brighton. They are soon to be married in 2022 and I also get to be their wedding photographer! YAY!

She loves using colour and has an obsession with all things floral, Snoopy, sunflowers and Stevie Wonder.

Jen is very involved in raising awareness for Alzheimers disease and does a lot of volunteering and fundraising. She sadly recently lost her Dad to the disease. We are also very passionate about this as I (Amy) lost my Grandad to it as well last year. 

She is a firm believer that everyone should feel comfortable in their clothing and see it as an expression of their personality. Thats one of the many reason she loves dungarees.

Last year we donated £400 to Alzheimers Society and are planning to do much more fundraising for them this year.



  • Jen Holmes said:

    I think Jens fabrics are amazing and what an inspirational person! I am so in love with these monkeys and the colours…. is it possible you will make some pinafore dresses out if Jen’s Orangutan fabric? If so can I order one in a 12 now!👍🏻😁😁😁. Just gorgeous love your stuff🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰X

    mars 09, 2022

  • Shirley Harrison said:

    Any plans for the orangutan fabric in a dress? I live in the actual rainforest- ready orangutans are not too far from here. My school is committed to celebrating and protecting our amazing environment and, while it’s way too hot and humid here for dungarees, an orangutan dress would be amazing.

    mars 09, 2022

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