We have a little preview of some of our new prints in dungarees and pinafores coming soon to www.runandfly.co.uk.  We will be making a lot of these in both cord and twill and we are also developing bigger sizes too. 

As we are based in Leicester it would be rude not to heavily feature foxes in our designs.  If you don't know what we mean just google it. It's our football mascot and on pretty much anything we do with sport, but we also love the furry red guys. 

The next design we are releasing is our favourite slow friend of the jungle, the sloth.  You can't be sad when looking at a chilled out happy sloth! Little fact - did you know it takes them a whole day to do a poo? Too much information? Sorry! 

Next up is our split deign, there will be a couple of different colourways of these too and we are really proud of them and think they are a great edition to the Run and Fly Dungaree club.

We have also developed a new space print into a cord and twill fabric to bring it to you on pinafores and dungarees! Are you as excited about this one as we are? 

The final one we are going to show you for now is our favourite so we are saving the best till last! They are RAINBOWS and will be on dungarees and pinafores.  All of these designs will be coming to you in October so make sure you keep checking back or join our mailing list to stay up to date. 








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