Q. Thanks so much for shooting with us Zach, we know you are a musician, what type of music do you make and where can we hear it?

A. No worries it was an absolute pleasure... My music is still brewing I guess. I was with a heavy band for 4 years and completed a few tours however it wasn’t all for me. I’m now focusing on the music I’ve always loved which is Rnb and Soul... I have a couple of videos on my Instagram and Facebook pages @cheaperthangold, nothing is officially out yet.

Q. You have a great sense of style, what are your inspirations?

A. Thank you very much! I’m a big lover of street wear and 90s fashion. If I was to pinpoint two artists right now who in my opinion constantly kill the game, I’d have to go for Travis Scott and BTS. 

Q. What was your favourite outfit from the shoot? 
A. They were all super cool, but I guess you’ll surely be catching me in the two tone dungarees... With summer coming they are a wardrobe must. 
Q. How did you find out about Run & Fly? 
A. 4. I often browse in the shop JuJu in Brighton, who stock Run and Fly. They’ve always stood out for me cause of their confident designs, I think the foxes were the first to catch my eye. 
Q. When is your next gig? 
A Currently I don’t actually have any booked in! I’m focusing on building the back bone on the project at the moment. Any gigs however will be posted on either my Instagram or Facebook page- this summer will be the time! 
(@cheaperthangold) Photos by www.amydaviesphotography.com @black.star.photography

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