If you are like me and working mainly remotely and are spending too much time talking to the dog or cat or just the lamp on your desk. I offered the lamp a coffee when I got up to make one the other day and thought, I need some background noise or I might loose my mind even further! 

I thought I would share with you my favourite podcasts so I don't feel like I am on my own. There are so many more but these are just some of my go to choices that help me through the day.

If you are a fan of true crime I really recommend Serial Killers. Every Monday and Thursday you get a psychological and entertaining glimpse into the mind, method and craziness of serial killers thought the World and ages. They are very in-depth and delve deeply into their lives and history. Its not for the faint hearted though! 

Along the same line but like listening to a chat amongst your friends is My Favorite Murder (Its American) Karen and Georgia each week talk about their lives, mental health and then delve into their favourite murders and talked of hometown crimes from fans of the pod and friends.

I weigh with Jameela Jamil is an incredible podcast that started off as a social media post has become a whole mental health movement. Jameela challenges societal norms through conversations with activists, influencers, thought-leaders and friends.They share their own experiences of mental health with very funny and vulnerable conversations. It empowers diverse voices and is an accessible way to celebrate progress, not perfection.

Are You Michelle From Skins is made by a good friend of Run & Fly April Pearson.After being asked for the last ten or so years - Are you Michelle from Skins? She wanted to start a conversation with other people in the media and limelight that are most known for one role. She cash with members of boybands, actors, soap stars and many more people on how that role impacted their lives and their careers moving forward. 

Off Menu is a fabulous and funny foodie podcast hosted by the hilarious James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Each week a different guest comes on and talks them through their favourite starter, main course, side, drink and dessert. Don't forget the POPPADOMS OR BREAD? 

Gossip Mongers is a hilarious podcast hosted by Joe Wilkinson and David Earl where people send in gossip they have heard from their town and they read it out and discuss. Sometimes it's silly sometimes it's gross and sometimes it's hilarious. At the end of the podcast they then vote for their favourite story of the week. If you have a quirky and twisted sense of humour you will find this very funny! 

The Adam Buxton Podcast is a wonderful long running pod hosted by the aforementioned Adam where each weeks he speaks to a different guest and interviews them in conversation. He starts every week walking his beloved dog Rosie. I highly recommend the episodes with Louis Theroux!

Grounded by Louis Theroux defiantly needs a mention. Louis jumped on making pods when lockdown hit and he had not much else to get on with! He chats to the people he has always wanted to interview but never had time to. 

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