You clever lot have been busy being creative this past year, with one of those things being customising your dungarees!
Over on our "unofficial" fb group you lovely peeps have been sharing photos of your stunning dungarees in colours and combos we would have never even dreamed of!
So here at Run and Fly we wanna shine the spotlight on our amazing customers who make the world a more colourful place. And you never know, you may get some inspo whilst you're here.
Daisy Finniear showing us we definitely need more Tie Dye in our 2021 Wardrobe
Emma Butler's 8 year old daughter tie dyed dungas for her and her boyfriend, and we love them! You can see more of her tie dye work on her insta @embers_ties_and_dyes. Check out Emma sporting her daughters creations @rainbows_and_raindrops.
It's not just plain dungarees that can be dyed, patterned ones too! Emma Wren gave her Dinos a fresh new take in blue and we are INSPIRED!
Dungarees don't come in the colour you're after? No Problem! Kim Blake has dyed her dungas this beautiful shade of purple. She originally had charcoal cords and used a tulip red dye to achieve this beautiful shade.
Bex Powell has pulled out all the stops on customising her Run and Fly Wardrobe. She practically has every leopard dungas in every shade of the rainbow! This lady definitely adds a splash of colour to everyone's day!
Laura Mead used a grey dylon pod on her natural twill leopard dungas and we adore this subtle yet bold look she's rocking. Also, matching socks, This woman really has her life together!
Thank you to all the folks who shared photos of their dungaree dye jobs with us, there was so many we hope to share more in the future. If you're looking for advice or inspo on dying your dungarees be sure to check out our community over on facebook at the Run and, sell, swap, chat (unofficial) group.



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