Size Guides:

Octopus Love Stretch Twill Dungarees

Modelled by Lottie - @porcelain.pixie She/Her is a UK size 10-12 wearing a 2XS. She is 5'10.




Retro Old School Tattoo Stretch Twill Dungarees

Modelled by Jack - @jackroperofficial He/Him is typically a highstreet M wearing an RF 2XS





Retro Old School Tattoo Style Flared Pinafore

Modelled by Isobela - @isobelalugosi She/Her is 5'6 and a size UK10/12 is wearing a RF size 10





Red Stretch Corduroy Dungarees

Modelled by Lottie - @porcelain.pixie She/Her is a UK size 10-12 wearing a 2XS. She is 5'10.





Unicorn Stripes Flared Pinafore

Elly - @renaissancebabyx She/Her is 5'6 and a size UK10 is wearing a RF size 10.


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