70's Dark Floral Print Stretch Corduroy Long Pinafore Dress


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Jo S.
Average pinafore

Great print but the dress was too long, the front part too high and the straps too short. I used my sewing machine and totally altered it into a mini with extended straps and buckles
The front part is way lower now. Next step will be a double lining for the upper parts, so it's not that ugly if you want to let the straps hang down

Lisa R.
bit of a funny fit...

I love the print and perhaps I'm just an odd shape but the dress was wide on the waist and top, but a bit tight over the bum, leaving me looking rectangular. I moved the buttons to take it in on the waist a little and that improved it.

David B.
My Wife loves these!

Bought these for my Wife, she's a big fan of Run & Fly and fell in love with this pattern. It's a great fit and it looks really good on her. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Jude F.
Pinafore dress

Really love them but feel the body part is too high

Yael B.
Oversized 16?

3 stars instead of the 5 if the dress fit as expected. And I thought this was supposed to have zips instead of double sets of buttons at the waist?

Love the cut, love the details - 4 sets of buttons on the straps, 3 buttons on each hip, 3 pockets, a back slit - not mentioned in the description -- but JEEZ - I followed the chart, asked customer support for advice, and still received a pinafore that has a 41/42" waist, instead of the 37/38" I expected.