Our latest designer to join the RF family is Weirdling Designs.

Kat is a digital artist based in Newcastle, UK, and the person behind Weirdling Designs.

After a long hiatus from drawing, she finally picked up a stylus again during  maternity leave with their daughter (The Weirdling). Originally the brand was born as a way for them to feel connected to her old ‘pre-mum’ self, and a fun way to spend nap times, she started drawing things that she loved, never imagining it’d turn into anything more than a side hobby.
During this time she was introduced to the world of handmade clothing and, by extension, seamless designs. Gradually, it became apparent that other people also seemed to love the things she was drawing and turning my patterns into their own creations - so Weirdling Designs came into being! 

Check out their Instagram @WeirdlingDesigns for more.

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