Thank you for all your recent purchases through Depop you have helped us to contribute a £2000 donation to support the disaster relief in Turkey. As many of you know we make a lot of our dungarees in Turkey and wanted to give back to the community that have been hit by this awful disaster.

The South-East of Turkey was hit by a Richter 7.8 earthquake on February 6th 2023. A secondary earthquake that was measured to be a Richter 7.5 striked the region again within the next 9 hours. The situation is critical and worsened by cold and snowfall in the region. People can't even leave their cities as roads are closed. 

Ahbap, is a collaborative movement, working with a value system based on solidarity, sharing, caring, and belonging, while combining the unifying and transforming wealth of the cultural treasures of Anatolia with the opportunities offered by modern information technology, moving them into the future. They have a special relief appeal for the disaster supporting people affected with shelter, food and medical supplies. 

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