We have a new artist working with us for a couple of fun prints and we wanted to formally introduce you to them. 

Georgia is 23 and lives in Kent, England with their 5 year old daughter, who’s a freakin’ cutie, and their amazing partner Dan. 

Words from Georgia:

I have loved foraging ever since was a little kid and have always been obsessed with wild food and fungi. I’ve drawn mushrooms/ mushroom people on-and-off throughout my life, but The Mushroom Babes actually came about at the start of quarantine in March 2020. My partner and I set each other drawing challenges to entertain ourselves in the evenings, and our first challenge was “mushrooms.” I drew my Fly Agaric Babe, she was curvy and joyful and I loved her immediately, I knew I had to draw more!

With the encouragement of a Facebook group, I ordered a few prints and started my Etsy shop. I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but boy did I underestimate how loved the Babes would be! I’ve always been afraid to share my art, and still get pangs of imposter syndrome every now and again, but I’m super proud of myself for the world I’ve created, and can’t wait to keep drawing and exploring the magical world of The Mushroom Babes!

Where did you get your inspiration from and what made you get into art?

1. I've been in to art for as long as I can remember, my dad has always painted, so as soon as I could grip a pencil I was drawing and he would teach me. My favourite thing to draw was always people, I was constantly inspired by the different fashions and hairstyles around me so I had endless ideas! I also loved foraging from a young age, and eventually those two hobbies merged together!

What's your normal creative process?

2. Normally my creative process consists of a flurry of ideas in one quick burst, and then trying to create something cohesive out of that mess. It doesn't always result in something I'm happy with, but can often be a good starting point that leads to something better! 

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

3. So obviously nature and it's glory are some of my biggest artistic influences, as well as the beauty of the human body. Sometimes I'll be inspired by a cool mushroom, leaf or colour palette, sometimes by the way someone in a cafe is sat, or the way their hair falls. I love artists like Brian Froud and Cicely Mary Barker who created the magical art I loved as a kid, but I wanted to create something more grown-up and that embodied different body types and the less appreciated parts of nature, showing them being simply magical and beautiful too.

What motivates you to create?

4. My family are a huge motivation, my partner is endlessly supportive and my daughter loves saying her mum is an artist (her friends think it's cool)  my sisters are also incredible support and give me honest feedback which I always appreciate. Also (this will sound corny) but my customers and followers are a huge motivation. Having people come to me because they've seen themselves or friends in my work and feel represented, queer kids who share their joy at finding queer art and see me as a safe person, people who simply love mushrooms and bugs, whatever pulls them towards me, they all push me carry on even when I doubt myself or want to give up. Having them behind me is an incredible privilege and more than I ever hoped.
Where can people find more of your work?

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