On the 17th January at 1pm GMT we have our newest collaboration coming with our latest Artist Nikky from Innabox Design. This will be a charity print with 10% of all of our sales from the dungarees on our website going to Teapot Trust. 

Our latest collaboration is finally coming. We have teamed up with the awesome Nikky from Innabox Design who makes humorous chronic illness gifts for spoonies.


Innabox is all about chronic illness empowerment. Their main goal is to make spoonies like themselves feel seen and heard. See more of what Nikky at Innabox Design makes HERE on Etsy or HERE on their own site


10% of all direct sales of this print will go to Teapot Trust which is at the forefront of mental health support for children and young people living with chronic conditions, and their families. 

Find out more about Teapot Trust HERE

The Print is a "Spoonies" design. If you don't know Spoonies  are people who live with chronic pain and subscribe to spoon theory may refer to themselves as “spoonies.” But the term isn't limited to any one medical condition. Rather, it's a way for anyone who lives with chronic pain to explain the way they ration their energy based on their illness. Spoon theory isn’t just for people with physical ailments. It can also be a helpful way for people with mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, to think about their daily capacity.


  • Joanne Baskett:

    Spoonies are any one that lives with a chronic condition of any sort.. ie chronic illnesses.. can’t wait to get a pair as this is me! 🦓

    Februar 14, 2023

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