If you don't know our customer services team is based in Brighton but our warehouse and UK factory is based in Leicester. We consist of Faeryn our Customer Services Manager, Amy - head of the office, website, socials and photography and Florence the newest member who does Customer Services and makes a cracking cup of tea. You've probably seen her modelling on the site too as does Faeryn.


As Florence has recently joined us we took a road trip up to Leicester so she could see for herself first hand where where everything is made and meet the rest of the team. We visited the factory and saw a sneak peek of the new black and white checkerboard dungarees in production and also saw the fabric being cut as it is all done in house in one room.


 We then walked back to the warehouse as it is just round the corner and we showed her where the items are picked and packed by the lovely Dinesh. 

We then went to Atul's office head honcho of Run & Fly to discuss the prints for the next year as it is a team effort what designs we make or source and its a really fun and exciting meeting for us all. 

We are a very small team so all contribute to many different sectors of the business and love being involved with helping make Run & Fly the best it can be and run smoothly. 

We can't wait for our next trip up.

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