Black Corduroy Bell Bottom Super Flares


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Lucius R.
Love these pants

I discovered this brand through a set of jeans that were given to me, they became my favorite jeans so why not get more from the same brand? I love how these bell bottoms fit on me.
Shipping is great
Highly recommend


Great shop with great vintage inspired gear!


Fast shipping, quality product. Very happy with purchase.

Count V.
Like a vice on your jewels

I go to run and fly because it's been the only brand on the globe to make quality bell bottoms for men. That being said I have multiple womens pairs of bell bottoms I've worn and collected over the years and when it comes to pelvic discomfort, these jeans blow my skinniest female jeans out of the water. I can't walk without having to readjust everything below the belt line from pinching to genuine crushing. While we are at the belt line; why is it that if I pull my pants up as far as they'll go, they'll still show parts of my underwear and skin below the belt line. Great material, great stitching so far as I've only worn it a couple hours there's not much trial for endurance and idk how it'll wash but everything below the crotch is of good enough quality well worth the price. Overall if you are to improve on your product I suggest you give some time into researching mens clothing and what causes discomfort because part of me thinks these pants, as stylish as they are, might affect my ability to have a child if I wear them out too much, and that's only partly a joke.