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I really wanted to order a pair of fun dungarees right off the hop, but I figured I should get the denim ones, since I've struggled to find denim ones I like, and I figure I can order fun pairs later.
I ordered an XL, based on 50" as a hip measurement, and the garment description as somewhat relaxed in the way it fits. I do think I could squeeze into a L.
They do have a strong dye smell, and I'm pretty sure it will be completely gone after the second wash, which we all know stretch denim generally has an odour.
The legs are fantastic. Being a larger size, it's always tough to order pants because the leg openings get disproportionately larger as the size increases.
The straps are unusual, as mentioned in other reviews, but, I find they don't pull my neck or back, which I really appreciate (I find bib style for working to put a lot of weight on the shoulders, like a bad backpack).
The first was was a success. The legs didn't shrink up, but they still smell a little like dye.
I don't find any of the seams binding or unflattering so far.
The stretch denim is good quality for stretch denim. Hopefully it wears well!
They don't have side buttons, so consider that when ordering. I don't find that I'm forcing this size past my hips and up to my waist.
Fantastic product. I hope this review helps you with your ordering! :)

Sarah R.

The denim is very soft and comfortable. I'm usuall anywhere between size 16-20 and erred on the side of caution with these and went with a 20 as I wanted a relaxed fit and they fit well. The legs are very long, even on me (I'm 5'8"). The only negative is the seam between the bib and the bottoms - it sits in a really unflattering place on me, right across my widest part. Would have preferred the seam to sit on or above my waist.

vicky p.

I love the funky designs, but sometimes I don't want to stand out. These are so comfy with big pockets and just makes me happy to wear them.

Maxine D.
Sooooo comfy

Love them so much, absolutely adore all of my patterned ones too but these are great for dressing down and being comfortable

Nick R.
Comfy Fit

I ordered the dungarees on Thursday and they arrived on Friday. I put them on and they fitted like a glove. This is the third pair I bought from Run and Fly. Many people have mentioned the dungarees slide down because of the straps. I reverse them and it locks them in place and they won't slide. In my opinion, it gives a neater appearance. I won't buy dungarees from other suppliers again.